Zac Ede

Stock & Station Agent

About Zac

Nurturing clients in a manner not often experienced in the industry today, livestock sales expert Zac Ede is an agent who’s not afraid to think outside the square and take a gamble in order to achieve market-leading results.

A Licensed Real Estate Agent and Stock & Station Agent with a Certificate 4 in Agriculture, Zac has also been both a state and national finalist for auctioneering awards.

Having worked in the industry since 2011, he’s an experienced, highly specialised professional who’s passionate about all things livestock and farming. Willing to have a crack and tackle any challenge head on, Zac’s proud to sell a product in the knowledge that he’s added value to a client’s business.

He enjoys the fact that his role brings something new and interesting every day, with the opportunity to help people within a community that he knows and loves.

Zac’s immensely proud to be part of the Bailey family, a business with both a rich history and a progressive approach. He thrives among the supportive team environment, working alongside people who are always eager to back him and ensure he and his clients thrive.

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