Our Approach

Everything we do at Bailey is based on trust. Every day we strive to earn trust and create meaningful relationships – changing the way people feel about real estate and leaving our clients wanting to dealing with our agents for all their future real estate transactions.  

It’s through our ‘why’ and our values that we earn trust and respect, resulting in becoming the trusted advisor for so many.  

Our Why

It’s about the connection we make human to human & the positive impact we can make on people’s lives.  

Our Values

No Bull

We shoot you straight. So many keep coming back because of our down to earth, honest approach. No fluff, smoke or sales trickery. Just direct, accurate advice. Telling you what you need to hear not just what you want to hear.  

Uphold a positive mindset

We strive to be better, always. Optimistic yet balanced in our approach with a can-do attitude. We understand that we become what we think. Our positive attitude & mindset impacts us personally and our clients, together with their outcomes.  

Go the extra mile

It’s the little things that count. Real Estate is a journey, often an emotional one, its through our acts of kindness and attention to detail that we create a positive impact on people’s lives.  

Do what’s right & fair

In all situations we do what’s right and fair. We treat others how we would like to be treated. Karma is real, we reap what we sow. Ethics first, always.  

Back yourself & each other

We are all good humans. Highly trained & capable individuals that trust in our own abilities and our team mates. We trust ourselves and each other, always having each other’s back. This also flows through to our clients. We are always there for you.    

We are so proud of the fact we have helped thousands of families within our community achieve their property dreams.  

Our family has been serving the community for five generations – since 1896. We are here for the long haul, we look at the big picture, not here just to make a quick buck like so many. You don’t get to be around for as long as we have unless you treat people with respect, earn trust and of course, get remarkable results.  

We look forward to discussing how we can help, along with anything else that’s important to you.   We’re here to the get the sold you want, not cost you the earth.

“Aren’t you just a bit curious what your
place could be worth today?”