Kristine McIntosh

Head of Operations

About Kristine

With three decades of real estate experience to her name, Kristine McIntosh has a depth of knowledge and understanding of the local property landscape that few can rival. As Livestock and General Account Administration, Kristine is instrumental in the smooth operation of the agency, making sure that things run flawlessly while ensuring that clients enjoy a seamless real estate journey.

A Licensed Real Estate Agent who always does what she says she will, Kristine over-delivers on all of her promises. Her entire career has been devoted to local property and the fact that no two days are ever the same in the industry keeps things fresh and interesting.  

As a dedicated local who’s passionate about the Singleton area and all that it has to offer, Kristine loves dealing with country people and assisting them with their needs.

A long-time member of the Bailey Property & Livestock team, she enjoys being part of an established, respected family business with such a strong heritage in the local area, working alongside people she greatly admires.

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