Rural & Urban Living – Why we Love Both

At Bailey Rural Property and Livestock, we are lucky enough to offer both rural and urban properties to our clients throughout the Hunter Valley. Whether you prefer wide open spaces or a wide open verandah, there’s lots to consider about whether rural or urban living will suit your family better. So we’ve compiled a list of reasons why we love both (just to confuse you even more).



First and foremost, rural living is the most private way to live your life. With neighbours usually at least 100 metres away, you’ll enjoy a secluded and private life away from the gossiping and nosey nelly’s.

Larger homes

When we think of rural living, we automatically think of one thing: bigger homes. One of the most attractive aspects of rural living is the vast range of property sizes, with a much greater potential to expand and develop the facilities on the property. Think pool, cattle pens, motorbike tracks, guest house, even a golf course. Rural living means you have the opportunity to make your home into a mini resort, with a range of activities in your backyard, at a fraction of the price that you would have to pay in urban areas. 


‘Ahh the serenity’. You don’t hear that much living in a bustling city where cars are zipping around, people are chatting and you can hear your neighbours playing footy in the backyard. Typically, rural living encompasses sounds of chirping of birds and leaves rustling in the wind. Not only is rural living generally very quiet and peaceful, the views and landscape is generally uninterrupted, natural greenery, with very little human developments.


You can never have too many toys! And I’m not talking about a stuffed teddy bear or nerf guns. I’m talking tractors, utes, quad bikes, and motor bikes. With more open space, comes more room and need for toys to get around and help out with any work that needs to be done on the property (and more fun!).


When you think of the iconic aussie bush, you think kangaroos, koalas, and even snakes. And living rurally means you’ll probably be interacting with a lot of animals. Larger properties also come with the attraction of being able to own your own animals such as chickens, dogs, or even a horse. If you have kids, having them grow up around animals can teach respect and responsibility. If you want to be self-sufficient, farm animals like cows and chickens are also great for decreasing your carbon footprint, and you’ll have the luxury of fresh eggs and milk every day. 


Proximity to amenities

Urban living certainly has its perks, starting with the proximity to amenities. Being close to schools, shops, cafes, restaurants, doctors and libraries certainly makes life much easier and gives you more freedom and flexibility in your day to day. There is also a much higher potential for job opportunities in urban areas, and being able to go into an office, shop, or warehouse will make you a very desirable candidate and widen the job pool. Living and working in urban areas also generally mean more growth opportunities in your field, with a larger number of businesses and positions to grow into. 


If you’re a social butterfly and like spending lots of time with friends and family as well as meeting new people, urban communities are definitely the place for you! Catching up with friends at a coffee shop, watching the game with mates at the pub, and having family over for Sunday lunch suddenly becomes a lot easier when you all live in the same town. Furthermore, you can get involved with your local community through social clubs, charity, volunteering or even just meeting people at your favourite lunch spot. Living in urban areas also provides a huge opportunity to meet people romantically and organically (unless ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ is more your thing).

Public transport

Another perk of living in urban areas is the public transport! Granted, a bus might not seem that exciting, but when you consider how much you save every year without having to buy a car, it’s a pretty great perk. Not only convenience, but it keeps you safe in case you have a few too many drinks at a bar and need to get home, and will get your kids home safely whilst you’re at work. 

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