Singleton Real Estate And Lifestyle

Singleton Real Estate And Lifestyle

Singleton is a charming rural town located on the banks of the Hunter River, occupying an excellent location just 70kms from the city of Newcastle, with Singleton real estate being some of the best in the Hunter region. The town that we know today was founded in 1820 and was first known as St. Patrick’s Plain. It was later renamed in 1822 after colonial settler Benjamin Singleton. In 1836, it was proclaimed as a town, a municipality in 1866 before becoming a designated shire in 1976.

Today, Singleton boasts many unique qualities, bringing together what we all love about country towns with big city convenience and functionality. Being a popular tourist location, with its gorgeous wineries, numerous colonial structures and housing one of the biggest sundials in the world, Singleton has a lot to offer its 24,000 residents providing a beautiful sense of community, community facilities, progression and flourishing businesses

If you would like to know more about the Singleton area including Singleton real estate, and why relocating to this beautiful part of the Hunter Valley might be the best decision you have not yet made, read along!

What to do in Singleton?

Located in the heart of the Hunter Valley, the Singleton region is surrounded by World Heritage National Parks such as WollemiYengo, and the Mt Royal National Park. As you can imagine there is plenty of fun to be had. Living in Singleton, you will be able to experience the history of this picturesque town, with the largest sundial and solar farm in the Southern Hemisphere among many other attractions such as the many historical museums dating from the early 19th century including The Chap, Garden and Georgian Cottage Museum giving insight into the pioneering Sisters Of Mercy who arrived here from Ireland more than 100 years ago.

Simply taking a trip down history lane, with a walk down George Street to see all the colonial structures in the town, is an eye-opening experience. Some sites you are can see are Ewbank (88 George Street), Royal Hotel (84 George Street), Percy Hotel (65 George Street), Former Council Chamber (74 George Street), “Patrick Plains Shire Council Building” (57 George Street), Former Post Office (George Street) and Glass General Store (Corner Geroge & John Street).

Let’s not forget the boutique wineries, olive groves and cafes/restaurants that you can visit! Some venues we recommend visiting are Catherine Vale Vineyard, Ascella Organic Wines and Worn Out Wares.

If you fancy some outdoor activities you visit the Chapman Valley Horse Riding facility for views of Howes Valley on horseback or go bushwalking across Singleton. We recommend visiting Barrington Tops and Lake St Clair which is only about a 30-minute drive north of Singleton.

Living in Singleton

We’ve detailed what it is like to be a tourist in Singleton, so here is why people love living in Singleton and why so many Sydneysiders are making the move north.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded approximately 43,000 Australians moving to regional areas from capital cities in 2020, with 12,691 of people moving from Sydney. Due to its relative proximity to Sydney, and popularity, the Hunter region is predicted with the latest Department population projections showing an additional 131,500 more living within their borders by 2041; this average growth rate comes close to 14.5%.

Singleton does a great job blending the rural and urban lifestyles, which is why we think its popularity is increasing.

Singleton is an excellent place to raise a family. There is a delightful sense of community and great options for schooling as well as childcare including Singleton High School, Singleton King Street Public School, Singleton Public School and St Nicholas Early Education. 

The residents of Singleton are always on their feet. Whether it be running or playing sports with friends, they have plenty of choices when looking for a good time involving sports and the outdoors.

The centre of town is home to Singleton Square and the beautiful Plaza. There are plenty of shops for all your needs, with a Woolworths supermarket as well as Aldi, IGA, Coles Express and Big W store right next door! In addition, you will find other local retailers who sell antiques from around Australia plus handmade jewellery made by local artisans.

There is lots to love about Singleton and it’s clear its uniqueness and sense of community are right up there.

Singleton Real Estate

Now that you are considering moving to Singleton, and finding the best real estate in Singleton, here is the rundown.

Buying in Singleton

As of April 6th, 2022, the median price for houses for sale in Singleton is $480,000, with the median price for 2 bedroom houses for sale in Singleton being $399,000, the median price for 3 bedroom houses for sale in Singleton being $460,000, and the median price for 4 bedroom houses for sale in Singleton being $610,000.

As of April 6th, 2022 the median price for units for sale in Singleton is $340,000 with a median price for a 2 bedroom unit being $305,000 and a 3 bedroom unit being $366,000.

We believe that the affordability of Singleton real estate is a large part of the attraction for Sydneysiders to move. Simply put, rental properties in Singleton have more bang for the buck compared to Sydney.  Land for sale in Singleton is also in high demand.

Renting in Singleton

The median price for houses for rent in Singleton is $470 per week, with the median price for 2 bedroom houses for rent in Singleton is $400 per week, the median price for 3 bedroom houses for rent in Singleton is $450 per week, and the median price for 4 bedroom houses for rent in Singleton is $550 per week.

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At Bailey we have been the experts in Singleton real estate since 1896. Our team has all the experience and knowledge to help you find your new home or investment property. 
With a wide range of listings to suit any taste and budget; from houses for sale in Singleton, rentals in Singleton and land for sale in Singleton. Whether you are looking to buy or rent, our Singleton real estate agents at Bailey are here to help, wherever you may be on your property journey.

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