Recent Lockdowns Impact on Market

As the Corona Virus disrupts our world again, how is this effecting our local property market?

The market remains extremely buoyant. Amazing results are being achieved within the residential market and rural lifestyle markets. Huge enquiry continues. All other sectors are also very solid. The only issue we have is that a high percentage of our buyers are coming from Sydney and the Central Coast. Therefore, as these areas are in lockdown, they are unable to make the trip up for inspections or to attend Auctions. We have had to evolve and revert back to our online auctions and offer virtual inspections once again. As impactful as this recent lockdown has been, the Metro buyers have not lost any desire to acquire their own space in our part of the Hunter. If anything, it has reiterated the importance to follow through with their life choice to invest in regional Australia.

Interesting times we live in but, rest assured we are here ready to help and open for business throughout this ever changing landscape we live in.

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