Twelve Months On…

Hope this finds you well. 12 months ago, we were all in the depths of lock down. COVID 19 had taken its grip around the globe and was creating immense uncertainty. Working remotely from home, nervous and anxious about where the world was heading, we braced for the unexpected around impacts to the Australian Property Market. However, what eventuated and has continued, has been nothing short of amazing. Property values have spiked post COVID and record interest throughout all sectors of the market continues. A combination of historically low interest rates, government incentives, low supply, the awareness to need space for our families, our proximity to metro areas thanks to the Hunter Expressway and a beautiful season with above average rainfall have all culminated to see some tremendous capital growth for our area. Particularly for the rural/lifestyle sector.

We are so grateful to the many people that we have had the opportunity to help during this period and we look forward to being here with you no matter what the unpredictable world throws at us.

Scott Bailey

“Aren’t you just a bit curious what your
place could be worth today?”