Floodwater recedes but market still bouyant

Last weeks weather event was massive, resulting in widespread rain up the eastern seaboard. We wish you all well out there and sincerely hope that you have not been too effected by the flood waters.

Our local property market has continued to steam forward with buyers from outside our area continuing to flood in (excuse the pun). The Central Coast, Sydney’s Northern Beaches & North Shore all have a significant amount of people looking to invest in our area. For both rural and residential properties.

The countryside looks a picture as the weather begins to cool. The nights are almost cool enough to sit round the fire pit and enjoy the beautiful lifestyle our area offers with family & friends…

Stay tuned, as we are delighted to inform you of a number of beautiful properties coming up soon.

Thank you very much for your feedback last week also. From that, we will be giving you a clear snapshot of the market changes every 12 weeks. A quarterly report of our market’s numbers. Median values (up or down), stand out results and insights that stretched over the quarter.

“Aren’t you just a bit curious what your
place could be worth today?”