When is the best time to buy?

No matter where you look around the world there are issues. The mainstream media do a wonderful job at reporting the drama and negativity around the world. Therefore, we must be careful about what we choose to focus our energy on and absorb. Be aware of these things but don’t dwell on them. It’s important in life to ignore the doomsayers, the negativity and discussions based on assumptions. If we listened to this and only this, we would never make a single decision to propel us forward.

The ability to be pragmatic in life is a trained skill. Before making life decisions of any magnitude, be sure to gather the facts and base your decisions on them – not the hearsay, gossip or someone or some organisation shooting from the hip. It doesn’t have the accurate data around whatever it is they are talking about.

Life is a mindset. To be in a negative, closed, ultra conservative and pessimistic mindset will achieve you nothing in life. However, to be optimistic yet balanced and back your own decisions based on solid facts obtained from reliable sources will see you achieve great things.

So what’s all this got to do with property you may be thinking? Well property is a long term investment. Over time it always goes up. In the late 1970’s my parents bought a house in Howe Street Singleton for $8,000. Sold it a few years later in 1980 for $16,000. This trend continued through their lives. I bought my first house in 1999 for $124,500. Sold it 5 years later for over $300,000. That home today would be worth within the vicinity of $500,000. We are selling vacant residential blocks currently for over $200,000 that we were selling at the start of my career only 20 years ago for $25 – $35,000. Unbelievable!

So the moral of the story is….don’t over analyse your purchase and be paralysed by all the so called experts trying to predict the next big crash or boom. You may as well go to your local club and put it all on Keno than pick the peaks and troughs. Real Estate is a remarkable way to invest your hard earned money. Held over time, it always appreciates handsomely. Simple.

So, the best time to buy is today.

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